Cultural centre of Belgrade was founded in 1957, as a multidisciplinary cultural institution. In its rich history it never strayed from its initial idea – to promote the highest artistic, cultural and social values and to support high creative reaches, explorations and experimentation in both domestic and international scenes. In a unique complex of multipurpose spaces, a combined area of over 2,000 square meters, in a trilaterally oriented building of Press House, a typical representative of Serbian mid-twentieth century architecture (arch. Ratomir Bogojević), and often in areas around it, various exhibitions of contemporary art, film projections, concerts, literary programmes, lectures, workshops, round tables, conferences and happenings are intertwined on a daily basis.

Centar is initiator, organiser and partner in various domestic and international projects and institutions, which all leave an important mark to contemporary scene of Belgrade and Serbia: October Salon, Belgrade Summer Festival, Festival of a Writer, World’s Poetry Day, Belgrade’s International Week of Architecture, (Graphic) Designer: Author or Universal Soldier, Days of Organ, Harpsichord, Live Art; Author’s Film Festival, Free Zone, FEST, Festival of Documentary, Short and Animated Film; Night of the Museums; Days of Sarajevo and other.