Informal Curatorial & Art group (Sonja Vrkatić, Nikola Đorđević, Marko Đorđević)

Interstitium, 2014
installation, dimension variable
Courtesy of the authors

Interstitium is developed as a semi-fictional archive, which records unrealized, unfinished and undeveloped projects in urban space. The collected material consists of open calls, master plans, individual architectural projects, relevant academic and newspaper articles and additional documentation concerning the selected site – one of the squares in Belgrade.

Although it assumes the form of an archive, the work is developed in diverging forms from official archival procedures of mastering and storing the past. Made from the documentation about the unrealised and the unachieved, it functions as an archive only conditionally, since it does not account for past, but potential events. In addition, these events are processed in a nonfactual and nonlinear fashion and furthermore fictionalised through various interventions, thus leaving out the effects of historical accuracy and integrity. The interventions include decontextualisation, fragmentation and manipulation of the collected material along with the fabrication of objects and documents as potential artefacts of the site. Through such mismatching, this archive places itself not as a collection of memories and experiences, but on the contrary, as a collection of their absence. It operates with the documents of possible memory and parts of unfulfilled histories of one locality. In this context, the archive does not give actual information about the particular urban site; rather it records its movements between utopian projection and social contingencies.

Interstitium aims to produce a situation in which the contradictory relations of projection, devastation and vacating are explicitly elaborated. The exhibited documentation describes this urban square as a site of intertwined temporalities and contradictory tendencies of its possible spatial, economic and political solutions. In this sense, the site is developed as a gap or a rupture, which is filled up with countless sequences of relations, which the users of the archive can recognize or establish themselves.
The exhibited documentation consists of 526 files classified in ten provisional units, with a variety of materials and resources that record unrealised, unfinished and undeveloped projects concerning one of the squares in Belgrade.



Sonja Vrkatić (1987, Novi Sad, Serbia) graduated at Faculty of Philosophy, Belgrade, Art History department. In the same year finished Bachelor studies of Fine Art at the Faculty of Fine Art, Belgrade. In 2014 finished Master of Fine Art studies at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, Lonndon. Works as individual artist, curator, and a member of several informal artistic groups. Her work deals with active relations towards a site, exploring its ‘fictional and non-fictional aspects’. Lives and works in Belgrade.


Nikola Đorđević (1986, Beograd, Serbia) finished his bachelor studies in 2010 at the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Arts in Belgrade. In 2012 he graduated at the Bauhaus University Weimar, the Faculty of Art and Design, on the MFA program, Art in Public Space and New Artistic Strategies in Germany. His practice includes a wide range of media including video, performance, obejct and digital art. He has participated in numerous group exhibitions, both at home and abroad. Lives and works in Belgrade.

Marko Đorđević (1988, Kruševac, Serbia, 1988) received his bachelor’s degree in art history at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade. He curated and co-curated several exhibitions and published papers in both electronic and printed form that deal with theory of art, politics and film. He is currently writing his master’s thesis at the Theory of Arts and Media Chair of the University of Arts in Belgrade. He lives and works in Belgrade.

  • Darko Aleksovski
  • Jelena Bokić
  • Igor Bošnjak
  • Edith Dekyndt
  • Simon Denny
  • Doplgenger (Isidora Ilić and Boško Prostran)
  • Dušica Dražić
  • Dušan Đorđević
  • Sandra Đukić
  • Liam Gillick
  • Jelena Marta Glišić
  • Ibro Hasanović
  • Informal Curatorial & Art group (Sonja Vrkatić, Nikola Đorđević, Marko Đorđević)
  • Leon Kahane
  • Dejan Kaludjerović
  • Luka Knežević Strika
  • Susanne Kriemann
  • Boris Lukić
  • Marko Lulić
  • Nikola Marković
  • Andrea Palašti
  • Goran Petrović
  • Danilo Prnjat
  • Mileta Prodanović
  • David Pujadó
  • Leonard Qylafi
  • Meggy Rustamova
  • Predrag Terzić
  • Dragana Žarevac
  • Ana Adamović
  • Federico Acal
  • Milorad Mladenović