About the Collection

Cultural centre of Belgrade has formed the October Salon Collection, moved by the act of Belgian artist Jan Fabre, who, upon the conclusion of 52nd October Salon, where he had taken part, presented to this institution the very work he had exhibited, named „I am a one-man Movement“.

The Collection is formed out of the works of artists, recognised in our country and abroad, who participated in international exhibitions of October Salon since 2004, and who have given one or more of their pieces: Ana Adamović, Aleksandrija Ajduković, Gordana Anđelić Galić, Radoš Antonijević, Antea Arizanović, Мrđаn Bајić, Vаlеriо Bеrruti, Мladen Bizumić, Ivаn Grubаnоv, Aleksandar Dimitrijević, Dušica Dražić, Aleksandar Jestrović Jamesdin, Dејаn Kаluđеrоvić, Anssi Kasitonni, grupа KIОSK, Nataša Kokić, Kаrstеn Kоnrаd, Juka Korkeila, Žolt Kovač, Аna Krstić, Goranka Matić, Vlаdimir Мilаdinоvić, Mladen Milјanović, Аvi Моgrаbi, Vladimir Nikolić, Ahmеt Оgut, Аndrеа Pаlаsti, Vladimir Perić, Dаrinkа Pоp Мitić, Mileta Prodanović, Dubrаvkа Sеkulić, Balint Sombati, Sаmuil Stојаnоv, Brаnimir Stојаnоvić, Аnnika Ström, Grupa Škart, Bеrit Таlpsеpp, Маrkо Таdić, Zоrаn Тоdоrоvić, Dragolјub Raša Todosijević, Мilicа Тоmić, Мilоš Тоmić, Jan Fabre, Flаkа Hаliti, Vlatka Horvat, Andy Huppеrich, Аna Hušmаn, Vlаdаn Cаričić, Маја Rаkоčеvić Cviјаnоv, Аdеlа Јušić i Lаnа Čmајčаnin, Grupa XYZ.

At the moment, the collection totals 64 pieces from 53 authors. Various artistic media and techniques (painting, sculpture, graphic, photography, video, installation) are represented in it. The intention was to call all the artists who participated in international October Salon exhibitions to donate the very pieces they exhibited there. Since the moment the Collection was first formed, special attention has been devoted to new productions, so some of the works that are part of it today, that have been presented in exhibitions of October Salon in the past two years, have actually been created and produced especially for these exhibitions.

The October Salon Collection was found with intent to create the representative fundus of art works, as records of phases of the contemporary visual art. It is also intention to enlarge the collection not only though artists’ gifts, but also through acquisitions, in order to enrich its very character (versatility and synopsis). Another idea behind compiling October Salon Collection was to present the modern art practice to general public, not just through simple display, but through reinstating an active dialogue between the artists and the public.

The Collection is set to become more than mere depository of art objects. It is conceived as laboratory where ideas and objects are processed and bound into one whole. Rather than ending up deployed in some depot, its open character will give colour to an interactive approach to actual artworks. Collection is intended for professionals, who would be granted an easier approach to getting the perspective of all the happenings on the art scene, since the moment October Salon first became international. The aim of developing of this Collection’s fundus is to facilitate curators from Serbia and abroad, to interpret, through their projects and exhibitions, all of the phenomena and tendencies in contemporary art scene in a different, or entirely novel manner.


Since 2012, works from the Collection have been displayed in several exhibitions: Collection 1, Cultural centre of Belgrade (October 2012); Collection 2, Winter in Sarajevo (February 2013); Collection 3/In search of…, Cultural centre of Belgrade (October 2013); Road to Europe/With or Without Princip(le), Vienna (December (2013); Road to Europe/With Heroes and Withnesses, Subotica(April to June 2014).